Monday, July 27, 2015

Tare Spotlight: Terumi Hanabi

Terumi Hanabi
The first encounter with Terumi Hanabi was during Otakon 2014 at the Love Live! Photoshoot. One of the greatest Eli Ayase's we had ever laid eyes on stood before us. We had no other choice but to go up to her and ask for a picture. To our surprise, she was extremely humble and didn't mind spending time with us to chat. She was extremely nice and down to earth, not to mention her construction and entire look were amazing. Once we followed her on facebook, it was easier to marvel at her attention to detail, construction, and even her exciting life outside of cosplay. At AnimeUSA we saw Terumi was attending as a part of the Maid Cafe/Performances. Once we found her she acted like we were the amazing cosplayers. We were so taken aback! She did other silly things like apologize for "creeping" on us. This was so ridiculous to us because we were the ones meeting one of our cosplay idols, not the other way around! Since then she has constantly responded to our messages on facebook and instagram alike; she continues to amaze us with all her creations. tare³ now makes it a priority to find Terumi anytime they are attending the same convention!

Photo by Aria Photography

Follow Terumi Hanabi:
Facebook: /terumihanabi
Instagram: @terumihanabi
Twitter: @terumihanabi

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