Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pre-Otakon 2015

Hey guys! Sorry for the slowness of our blog posts...We are all swamped with pre-con preparations along with our daily lives. We are all excited for Otakon (the anniversary of when we first got together T v T). So here's a little update from each of us.

I'm only working on one new cosplay for Otakon (Ryuu from Danmachi). It's coming along slowly, but all the major pieces still need work. I'm nervous for how the final product will look, but I have high hopes! I'm excited to wear elf ears (^ = u=^)
We also have Love Live mermaid costumes coming to us, but I'm not sure if they'll make it on time. If not, we can just wear Natsuiro again.
My parents planned a kind of spontaneous vacation to Aruba in the middle of July. I basically lost a week of time to work on my cosplay, so I was thrown off...Hopefully I can manage my time when I'm not at work and get this costume done. ANXIETY!!

So I actually thought Otakon was later, but no it snuck up on me so I've got my work cut out for me. I'm doing my first armor project (Bell from Danmachi). I've also taken up some laborious tasks in terms of props. I'm making several wooden props across all cosplays. The girls have gone ahead and excluded me in their Love Live! cosplays this time around :'( so I've teamed up with Shifty Cosplay to do some Shokugeki no Soma! I've completed my part for that mostly, just 2 pieces left to do. Other than not having enough resources, I would say I'm pretty on track other than the armor, which I have Risa Cosplay helping me out very soon.

I'm also only working on one new cosplay. ; w ; / I've been swamped with work and class, so cosplay progress is going slowly (Hestia from Danmachi). So far I've made the gloves and the basic structure of the dress! I still need to figure out how to properly make her boob window, hair peices, and ribbon. I'm running out of time! @____@;; The low cut back of the dress is also making it difficult to figure out how to properly structure the dress. All in all, I'm not ready for otakon yet because I have exams to study for too, but what else is new? I'm the tare that always finishes last haha... orz

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