Friday, July 31, 2015

Tare Spotlight: Merry Sheep Cosplay

Merry Sheep Cosplay

During the Otakon 2014 Love Live! Photoshoot, Lilitare and Kuritare were marveling at all the fellow Love Livers when an extremely small and adorable Nico caught their attention. At first they were too shy to talk to her and just wanted a picture, but the Nico noticed that we were the only two first years in plain school uniforms, and she decided to give us THE Nico lecture. She trained us in the art of "Nico Nico Nii~" and being true idols. Quite the first encounter for us. Merry Sheep Cosplay's vivacious and bubbly personality won us over. Not only was she fun to be around, the construction on her outfit was beautiful and it all came together so nicely.

Later that evening, Kuritare mustered up the courage to invite Merry Sheep to a party in Shifty's room. She came and we had a great time together. After some embarrassing sleeping photos, she left and we exchanged contact info.

Ever since that fateful encounter, we have seen Merry Sheep at every con we've attended where she refers to us as one of her many cuties. We love it, and we love her. Outside of being a colorful person, she serves as an inspiration. Merry Sheep shows so much inspiration through her drive and determination in fashion school and her stressful jobs! We've watched her evolve extremely quickly throughout our time as cosplayers and it only drives us to make our work better as well!

LOOK HOW GORG. Photo by Alpha Neko

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