Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Otakon 2015 -Rintare

Hey everyone! I had a super great time at Otakon this year! We were initially on the fence about going because of the price increase and all that, but in the end we decided to go. I am definitely glad we went. We met a lots of people and had a lot of fun with our friends. Of course, we had some new cosplay to show off too ;)

Finally!! A moment to sit down and think about Otakon! The anniversary of my first con :') I've come a long way in a short time if I do say so myself... (= 3=) I had a lot of fun with my friends! This year we really paid no attention to the convention's panels and other activities. We went to the dealers room a few times and artist alley. There was SO MUCH STUFF!! It was overwhelmingly beautiful...I was especially on the look out for Puzzle and Dragons stuff and Love Live!!! My poor wallet. But anyway, I guess I'll break down each day!

Friday- So I guess I'll start on Thursday night when I met up with Kuritare and we went to our friends house (close to the convention) and set up shop to work on our cosplays. I thought I was good on time with my Ryuu cosplay, but everything you plan for always seems to take longer than you'd think (> n<) We ended up not sleeping very much because we planned to be at the con at 7am to pick up passes. So exhausting! Lili met up with us later in the morning. I was Natsuiro 1, 2 Jump Kotori and she was Hanayo (Colossalcon repeat) I was still sad about not being mermaids, but wearing Love Live always makes us feel cute (= u=) The Love Live photoshoot was fine as usual, but there were some obnoxious girls also wearing natsuiro that killed it for me...At night we went to a little party to chillax a little bit before we went back to WORK ON COSPLAY. The other two tares really had their work cut out for them...They were making me nervous...
Someone help us! Photo by Kagamine Kotarou

Saturday- This is the day we were Danmachi!! Finally all the stress was paying off because I thought we looked so good (; u;) Our friend Shifty Studios took videos of us and a lot of pictures. I'm so excited to see them I could cry about it. We went to the dealers room for awhile and then to artist alley. We got a late start this day, but it's whatever...Later at night our friend took us out for a night on the town (^ v ^)

Sunday- Sunday was our chill day and we rewore The Devil is a Part Timer. We failed to get pictures of this cosplay while we were at we asked Shifty Studios to snap a couple pictures. Surprisingly, a lot of people took our pictures! I'm excited to see them. I stopped by the dealer's room and got Love Wing Bell Rin (MAJOR HEART EYES) and a Kongou sisters poster I really liked.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new pictures!!

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