Hi, everyone! Lilitare here. u v u / ♥

Some quick things about me: I like drawing, playing games, singing, sleeping, and petting animals. I come from a large family with three younger brothers and a loveable pup with a huge under bite. Most of the dumb drawings on our blogs are done by me, while Kuritare makes them prettier with cool effects and stuff. I play things like League of Legends, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Tera, as well as mostly rpg or puzzle DS games.

As for cosplaying, I first got into it during the summer of 2010. My first cosplay was Numbuh 3 from Codename: Kid's Next Door.

I had no wig, bought a large green sweater, etc. Despite all these cosplay rookie mistakes, I had a blast! Only two people asked for my picture, but it didn't matter. I had a fun time putting together this outfit of a character I liked and cosplaying with my friend who was my Numbuh 5. I also remember making my younger brothers' matching "costumes" too (Pikachu and the Pichu bros). They were too cute!

My first cosplay: Numbuh 3 from "Codename: Kid's Next Door" - Otakon 2010

It was in college that I met someone else who shared an interest in cosplaying (since my previously mentioned friend was more of a one time thing). My college friend got me into a lot of different series and we ended up cosplaying a few of them! I think we did about four or five cosplays together. The first cosplay I made by myself from head to toe was Morgiana, cosplaying Magi with her.

Then we kind of drifted apart, and I lost my motivation to cosplay. It wasn't until I met Kuritare, that I found someone who was interested in cosplay. We decided to do a quick and easy cosplay together for Otakon 2014. That's when I met Rintare! Although we didn't "assemble" as a group until AUSA 2014, a few months after Otakon, it was refreshing to meet other cosplayers so close to me with similar tastes in series.

It's been great cosplaying with Rintare and Kuritare. I'd only had experience in hand sewing and didn't really know what I was doing before them. Since forming taretaretare, I've been learning to sew with machines and improving in general all around. Kuritare and I investigate and explore propmaking, while Rintare tutors me in her make-up guru ways. I'm stupidly grateful for being able to do this dumb cosplay stuff with them while we are still relatively youthful with time.

And thank you for being idol trash with me too. I'm not sorry that I got Kuritare and Rintare into Love Live.

Me as Hanayo from Love Live: School Idol Project - Colossalcon 2015
My first time working with stretchy fabric and tulle! It was quite a struggle.

I feel that I've come a long way since my humble beginnings, and a huge part of it is because of the other two tare nerds!

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