Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tare Spotlight: Meet Shifty!

Meet Shifty Cosplay!
Originally, Shifty was only friends with Lilitare. Lili and Shifty reunited at Otakon 2014 where he invited us to party in his hotel room!! which allowed for the other tares to meet We quickly realized what a cool guy he is. We had a lot of fun and he even nice enough to drive us back to where we were staying in the middle of the night. We became fast friends during the whole Otakon experience!
Fast forward to Katsucon 2015. After taretaretare formed, we planned a No Game No Life cosplay and Shifty agreed to join us as Sora. We were honored :') We had such a blast at Otakon with him, we knew we would have a great time at Katsucon as well. At Katsucon, we received a lot of attention (probably because of the addition of our handsome friend, Shifty ;) ). It turns out that Shifty had some semi-professional experience with photography and agreed to take our first beautiful set of photos at Katsucon. We not only helped each other become better cosplayers, we also became even better friends. Since Katsucon, Shifty has also attended Colossalcon with us as well! He's sometimes featured in our group cosplays, and helps us out with photography. Shifty is not only a dependable con-going companion, but he's also one of our best friends! We always have a fun time with Shifty, and now we can't imagine going to any convention without him! ♥

Check out some of his photos and his photos of us!

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