Monday, July 11, 2016

How to Add Details To Worbla (Without Using More Worbla)

Please refer to this video on some basics on Worbla:

She makes adding the detail seem so easy...unless you're like me and suck with molding materials like clay.

Here I will tell you how I achieved the ridges/trim on the edges (and this could be applied to any kind of worbla detail) without using extra worbla.


So you'll notice in the video she actually tells you to use a double layer of worbla to make the trim, but thats a lot of worbla! So instead lets use craft foam, its way cheaper!

-Craft foam (I'm using 4mm thick) ~ $0.90 per  12in (30.48cm) x 18in (45.72cm) sheet
-Thermal Plastic (I'm using black worbla) ~ $86 per 39.25in (100cm) x 59in (150cm) sheet
-Sharp X-acto or Utility Knife
-Contact Cement
-Heat Gun

Step 1: Cut out your base shape as well as the trim detail


Piece that came out of detail

Step 2: (carefully) glue the detail to the base piece
Apply glue
Place detail onto base

Step 3: Cover with Worbla and apply heat until it sags over the foam and is moldable

Step 4: Pushes edges down to get that embossed detail

Use a tool, your fingers, or a piece of soft material (I use a piece of scrap foam) to push the outer edges down.

Now this is when you put that cut-out piece to work. It just so happens to fit exactly into the empty space! (Not exactly though, don't force it too much) What this also helps is avoids those harsh push marks from something like your nails or a credit card because the foam will slowly mold into a round shape.

You should get something like...

Beautiful isn't it?
Step 5: Trim off the excess worbla, according to the video above

Step 6: Use the heat gun again to mold the shape you want.

And you'll notice it maintains that beautiful detail you masterfully placed!

This doesn't only apply to line trims, here you can see I cut in little circular details with the same method

Of course you can stack it as high as you want, this will require you to stretch the worbla more though, so a little more might be safer. Just be mindful that its a flat piece of foam though, so you might want to modify some of the edges flush to the design you want. This can be achieved with cutting bevels or sanding.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Hope this helps!

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