Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Otakon 2016

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post but Otakon was not too long ago and here is our account of another fantastic weekend. Before the con, things were looking kinda grim. We had a nice hotel across the street from the convention center with all our friends for a pretty reasonable price, however a lot of people were last minute canceling due to personal reasons, Lilitare included, which left only Kuritare, Rintare and RUDEBOY. However this did mean a lot of extra space for those three!
Our line up was a little less uniform this time around because Kuritare no longer does Love Live crossplays. The first day was Rintare as Rin's Unidolized Marine and Kuritare as Djinn Equip Alibaba. We started the morning at Kuritare's house still and arrived around noon where we ate at Ekiben. It was delicious!
Kuritare featured on @ekibenbaltimore instagram!
After arriving at our hotel RUDEBOY and Rintare went to the GoodSmile booth to pick up some exclusive nendroids. Unfortunately the FightClub Mako figure ran out as soon as they arrived!! After perusing the dealers room we went to the Boku No Hero photoshoot hosted by our beautiful friend Aprile (@1paprile on instagram!). Her Bakugou was amazing! Afterward we just hit the game room and met up with Aprile and Lois (@yourfavoritedaddy on instagram) so that RUDEBOY could photograph their One Punch Man cosplays!

We had a very Hectic Saturday morning...Lilitare miraculously made it but had so much to do for her cosplay. We cosplayed Sakura, Hana, and Tsubaki from Fire Emblem Fates. This also included Kuritare because he had collabed with Lilitare and was waiting on his final piece. Kuritare and Lilitare's cosplays weren't as great as expected but we plan to work on it more to make a truly wonderful trio. Rintare worked hard and diligently on her cosplay and it shows! She is absolutely beautiful as Hana. This time around we hit up the artist alley and got some great prints! It was over 100 degrees this day so photos were tough but we managed to avoid time in the sun as much as possible and got some great photos from RUDEBOY. (Check more out on our instagram!).

Sunday was much more relaxing, but still extremely hot! The girls were part of a wonderful full Love Live Marine group where they got some really awesome photos on the harbor by the boat. Kuritare was rocking his Kimono Yato from Noragami...honestly a poor choice to stand out in the heat with but still had lots of fun! That was the rest of the day and we all winded down at Temari Cafe to conclude an awesome weekend.

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