Monday, June 20, 2016

Colossalcon 2016

Hi guys! It's been awhile, but we're here to share our awesome trip to Colossalcon 2016 in Sandusky, Ohio!

Last year when we went to Colossalcon everything was so new to us... we didn't even know how to get to the pool!! This year we definitely had a better idea of our surroundings. We probably also consumed about triple the amount of Blue Rhinos we drank last year ^-^; This time around we stayed quite far from the Kalahari resort where the convention is held. We stayed in a cute cabin at Cedar Point with a dozen of our friends. Even though it was a bit of a drive, it was a lot of fun being a little "family" for the weekend! We had a lot of fun cosplays for this con that we can't wait to share with everyone, so keep on reading!

We set out for Ohio super early on Thursday (3 am!) and arrived at Cedar Point somewhere around 11 am. We spent the afternoon in Cedar Point and rode roller coasters all day! It was definitely worth heading out so early. Afterwards, we settled into our cabin and had dinner at Danny Boy's, our fave Italian restaurant in Sandusky! Of course we had some cosplay crunching to do that night, but it was well worth it.

Friday was the day we wore our Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Hai to Gensou no Grimgar) cosplays! We steadily worked on these outfits and weapons for about a month. With school and work going on for us, we really had to squeeze some cosplay into every free moment we had. Kuritare was Haruhiro, Lilitare was Shihoru, and Rintare was Yume. They were our favorite characters and we felt that they fit us pretty well! Kuritare worked hard on all of our weapons and his hard work definitely showed! All of us felt super proud of what we made because we could see a big visual improvement over time. Our friend Andrew (aka RUDEBOY) was nice enough to be our photographer for the whole weekend, and he got some awesome shots!

On Saturday, Lilitare and Rintare split up from Kuritare. Lili and Rin were invited to be part of a couple Love Live groups, so Kuri decided to take on a Alibaba Djinn equipped cosplay from Magi! In the AM, Lili and Rin were part of a Love Live mermaid group. We had a blast shooting pictures on the beach at Cedar point even though there were some decaying fish on the shore... at least the sand and water made for some good shots! Everyone in the group was super nice and we had a lot of fun together. The sun burns were well worth it!! A special thank you to Aprile for being the mom of the group who put it all together. It couldn't have happened without you! Our precious Kyo senpai was also our second photographer for this shoot. Thank you gorgeous senpai ♥! Lilitare and Rintare were also fortunate enough to be part of another Love Live group! In the afternoon, they joined a few other girls for a small Love Live marine group. Lili and Rin adore that costume very much! It's just so cute :') We were glad to see old friends make so many new friends through Love Live cosplays! Kuri's Alibaba cosplay also turned out great! It was our first time working with the thermal plastic, Thibra. It was a fun challenge that yielded some nice results! Kuri used it for his shin guards and bracers. At night we played in the game room for...too long and then got home to pack up to leave early-ish on Sunday.

For Sunday, we decided to do some Fire Emblem Summer Scramble DLC cosplays to sort of preface some future Fire Emblem Fates cosplays we wanted to do! Lilitare decided to be Sakura. Rintare and Kuritare chose to be Hana and Tsubaki as her retainers! It was a cute and quick cosplay. We were glad we did it and it was easy to change out of to head home. 

The drive home was long, but we made it back safely. Shout out to our fun cabin family for hanging out and having a blast with us during the weekend! We love you!

Now we just have to somehow get over this lingering con depression!


  1. Hi! Awesome cosplays! I was wondering what fabric you used to create the Yume shirt. I am creating an outfit for her but I have no idea what to use as shirt material >_<

    1. Hello! Thank you! :) For the white and pink (in the back) I just used basic kona cottons. You can usually find these in the quilting section of fabric stores. For the red stripes and edges I used bias tape of varying sizes. Hope that helps!

    2. Really? You are literally the best! It looks so good I thought you used some mystery fabric! When I told my mom that she was really confused on how you got the shirt on you.

    3. It was just a little bit of a squeeze I guess! You could totally just put a zipper on the side or something as well.