Thursday, February 18, 2016

Katsucon 2016

Hey everyone!! Tare is back after a long period of being busy with our personal lives...sorry for the lack of posts, but we're glad you guys stuck around! Also, hello to all of our new friends!
Katsucon was a lot of fun for us as usual, but we did have some ups and downs along the way :( !!
All three of us worked extra hard on our new Fire Emblem Awakening cosplays and we really dropped the ball on sharing our progress pictures, but we'll get to sharing posts about our cosplays individually, soon!
All of us were pretty stressed out leading up to the con. We even dropped one of our cosplans because we just didn't have enough time :'( Unfortunately, Lilitare had a family emergency right before the con and couldn't make it, but she still worked really hard on her cosplay and hopes to share it with everyone as soon as she can! Katsu felt incomplete without her ;___;
Friday we arrived at the con at about 10am and got in line for our passes. We checked out the artist alley and dealer's room briefly and then moved all of our crap from the car to the room. We did a thorough sweep through of the dealer's room and kept tabs on things we wanted to buy! We actually went back to buy things on Saturday, but nothing we wanted was left!! (I wanted a shiba and banana plushie!!! -R). We checked out the maid cafe. Our maid was Meiko and she made Rintare's first maid cafe experience magical~~~ Kuritare was unfortunately done for the day at around 5pm after an encounter with his best friend, alcohol. On Friday night our fabulous Kyo senpai treated us to a homemade Korean food feast ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Good times with good friends!

Met up with Aozora and other Love Live friends!


Saturday was a big day for us, the debut of our Fire Emblem Awakening cosplays! It took us soo long to get ready x_x We woke up at 8 and weren't out of the room until 11! A huge thanks to our friend Same-san for taking our pictures with his fancy new camera! We can't wait for you guys to see all of our pictures! This was of course the fire alarm day and we spent most of our time in costume outside in the freezing cold!! Rintare had a hard time walking around with the knee armor and Kuritare had a fun time doing his sword hand motion to people. We missed the Fire Emblem meet up too :(( At night, we did some BakaProof work and interviewed our good friend Terumi. She gave us all Boo (the pomeranian) valentines, so sweet!

On Sunday we winded down a little and got into much more comfortable love live tracksuit + skirt combo. We mostly spent the day with friends, finalizing purchases in dealers and artists' alley. Kuritare realized he was having too much fun and needed more footage for his video so he split off with Same-San to get more for a while. We were able to watch μnite's performance, after missing their debut at AUSA! They did a great job and we can't wait to see more from them! We ended the day by going to a cheap Chinese restaurant with our friends from far away. We can't wait for our next con and we hope that we can have all three Tares together again!

With Risa Chan!

A big shout out to all of our friends who hung out with us, old and new!

Check out our friend Kimeeji and her awesome buster swords group!

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