Monday, August 3, 2015

Review - StoreDogDog

I recently just made a big purchase from storedogdog with my birthday money! I've been wanting to grab a few things from shopinuinu, but after the creation of storedogdog everything became cheaper, making it that much easier to shop! (You can read more about the difference between the two stores on your own). I figured I could write up a quick review for these goodies!

As you can see from my little cruddy quality phone picture, I got quite a few things! 

I like the shirt a lot! I can wear it to work or dress it down to wear out. The material itself is soft and comfy, but the quality was a little questionable. There's a lot of uncut threads hanging around and they even forgot to cut open one of the button holes! Whoops! Nevertheless, still a cute shirt.

This dress was a one size fit all dress. I figured it would baggy, but that's fine if you're going for the babydoll look?? The white stripes are satin-y ribbons and were really wrinkly and kind of sloppy. Hopefully I can iron it nicely!

Adorable shirt! It also is one size only so don't expect it to be form fitting. It's the pop of color that my closet needed!

I got this skirt in MEDIUM!! I am a Small in basically all US clothes. This skirt fits perfectly on my waist, thank goodness! My waist measurement is about 70cm (and so it this skirt). Super cute and the perfect length for me.

I am really excited about this skirt for so many reasons. It's one size fits all because it's all stretchy, so I don't have to worry about eating a lot and popping out of my skirt! It's reversible?!? Awesome 2 skirts in 1! Yes, sign me up.

So...unfortunately I got these shorts in size Small so they are way too small for me...I kind of just looked at the inches and thought I was a 26 (like I am in Forever 21 pants??) I don't know, I am just sad because these shorts are so cute and surprisingly nice quality!?! :(((

I got a little egg coin purse for myself because I needed one! I grabbed a pair of egg socks and bandaid socks too. So cute and meshy = w= The socks barely fit me, so do watch out! I'm a size 7.5 (US Womens). They also gave me chokers maybe because I bought so much stuff?? 

Here I am ready to take on the internet! Overall I'm happy with my purchase and I spent just over $100 so I got free DHL shipping. My order arrived super fast. For now I should probably block myself from visiting this store! Thanks for reading!
P.S. we hope to get some more convention pictures back soon!!



  1. are the socks that small? I am a size7 so I guess it wouldn't fit me either?

  2. are the socks that small? I am a size7 so I guess it wouldn't fit me either?

    1. I think you should be fine! At first you might have to carefully squeeze into them, but they get stretched out as you wear them. I wear mine just fine. (This is for the mesh socks, can't say anything for others)

  3. did any of your clothes shrink once you put them in the wash?