Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kuritare Review: Vassen Hyper Red Circle Lenses

The video above covers most you need to know about these lenses, but here we can get a little more in depth opinions on these lenses. I will also discuss details of each lighting type.

Indoor direct light was not as noticeable. So night time it won't be so prevalent but your eyes do seem bigger and have a darker look to them.

For pictures, I would avoid having your hair (or in maou's case, his visor) cast a shadow over your eyes. Makes it much deeper and hard to see, but same as above, creates a dark devilish look to them.

Outside/strong sunlight is your best bet for having these really pop. They even get a nice shimmer on them if your tearing as hard as I was trying to keep my eyes open in that sun.

My personal opinion, male characters don't need extremely brilliant eyes. Therefore, I tend to go for more subtle and serious designs and colors. If I were to cosplay a girl with iconic red eyes (Like Nico Yazawa) I would go for a flashier design and maybe even more color variance to really get that vibrant look. When it comes to characters like Bell Cranel (Danmachi) who is iconically known in and out of anime for having white hair and red eyes, I would go for a brighter lens color than this, but careful not to go too light because if you have dark eyes they will not show as nicely. This is why my general rule of thumb is go for the darker colors because they will show up better in appropriate light. A color that is too light will give your eyes better shine, but the color just won't show as well. (None of these are facts I know, but in my experience this is how it's been).

I store these contacts away for months at a time, and I always forget to rinse them before popping them in, creating a burning sensation which reddens my eyes initially. Be careful for this!

Final Verdict:
As red contacts: 8.5/10. More comfortable than usual contacts I've tried, however doesn't get put on as easily, and slides around when you initially put them on.
For Bell/Maou Cosplay: 7/10. They did the job in keeping eye color accurate, but many pictures won't capture this color. I'd go for something just generally stronger and brilliant. The design is a nice and subtle and definitely maintains a level of masculinity.

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