Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tare Spotlight: Risa Chan

Risa Chan

Meet Risa Chan! Watch out for this duo danger cutie! Cosplay AND photography! She is one of our friends from way back. Lilitare was the first to meet Risa through a mutual friend at school during her pre-Tare days. They ran into each other at a few cons and their friendship bloomed from there! Kuritare met Risa at Katsucon 2014, and Rintare met her at Otakon 2014. Risa, with all of her cosplay wisdom, showed us the ropes! Senpai ¦D

Here's Risa with Lili and Shifty as Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, and Ezreal at Otakon 2013 
After Otakon 2014, Tare became closer and closer to Risa. We hung out often at cons and always had tons of fun! Our most recent cons were Otakon 2015 and AUSA 2015 where we spent a lot of time free loading in her room...and hanging out with her :))) She is always a ball of fun and we love partying together!! A big shout out to Risa for picking us up from the metro station to go eat KBBQ together...that's REAL LOVE!!

Tare and Risa from AUSA 2015!
We planned on doing a Shokugeki no Soma group with her, but unfortunately, only Kuri could be part of the group :( We also want to cosplay Love Live together in the future! We hope to make more fun memories with her, but we fear for having to stop for people to take pictures of her every 5 seconds! Yes, we know she is beautiful, but can we go eat now???

Risa Chan as Nidalee from League of Legends
Photo by: Kyoplay
Risa Chan as Iron Woman (original costume)
Photo by: vicissijuice

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