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Anime USA 2015 - Lilitare

Hi everyone!

Lilitare here! With my first post (haha oops).

Well we just finished up our one year TareTareTare anniversary with the end of Anime USA!
I wanted to write something about this convention before I forgot everything that happened (since that's kind of what happened to my Otakon post).

First off, it's a bummer some of our cosplay plans fell through due to some shipping errors. But it did give us another chance to revisit our Danmachi cosplays and our once-worn Mogyutto outfits.

Friday was a relaxed and slow starting day, since most of the programming didn't start until mid afternoon. We got ready and took the metro to the convention hotel. Upon arriving, we met up with some friends and then stood in line for our passes. It was nice being in Danmachi, since Kuritare and I had upped our costumes a bit since Otakon! Hopefully the slight improvement shows in our photos haha;;

Anyways, walking around the convention was neat. It was kind of hard taking photos of other cool cosplayers as Hestia though... That was the downside of my Danmachi cosplay. :c Oh well! It was still nice since we got to catch up with a lot of cosfriends who usually live far from us. We also passed out Halloween candy to new people and old friends we met!
Programming wise, we didn't end up going to a lot of panels, but we did visit the burlesque at the end of the day. ; ) We also visited the dealers, artists, and game room at lot. We were very sad that all the rhythm games were gone this year! We were really looking forward to them! ; n ;

For dinner we were recommended to try Medaterra! It had great prices on drinks, burgers, and wings! I ordered a pizza though haha. We had a blast there and ended up going again on Saturday!

On Saturday we decided to wear our Mogyutto outfits from Love Live since the meet up was scheduled for this day. We arrived a bit late and even got a bit lost at first... But we did get to see Yashafluff for a bit! She's a huge sweetie pie and even recognized Rintare and Kuritare from their Danmachi outfits from yesterday (; A ; it was when I was away so I missed this).

Anyways, we ended up finding the meet up and met some cute Love Livers too bad I was a bit too shy! Shout out to Aozora Cosplay though! You hosted a nice meet up, and you're so sweet as always! = w = / I also met this super cute Hanayo cosplayer that was dressed as the Halloween UR card! It's one of my top favorites, so I kind of flipped out haha. Luckily I was able to get some pictures with her and hopefully didn't spook her with my enthusiasm too much! Overall it was fun meet up, but unfortunately we had to speed off again to meet up with some of our other friends. :c


After meeting and catching up with some friends, we walked around with Shifty Studios while he took some sick cosplay video shots. We saw so many talented cosplayers! Hopefully Shifty Studios' video will be out sometime soon! ;) Be on the look out! We will post some AUSA pics on our facebook in the meanwhile.

Anyways, we did try to go to the maid cafe to request the lovely Terumi Hanabi! Unfortunately she was resting due to her losing her voice and the maid cafe had to close an hour early. ;___; /
We did meet some really nice maids who were Love Live fans that chatted with us for a bit! Thank you for that. u w u

After the failed maid cafe attempt, we went to grab an early dinner at Medaterra again. I ordered their Veggie Penne Pasta, and it was pretty good. We ate early in hopes of seeing the masquerade (that we found out Terumi would be a judge in!), but by the time we got there (45 minutes late;; ), it was already over... We did get to see the prize winners though, so that was nice. c:

The rest of the night was just chilling with friends and visiting the game room again. It was hard coordinating to play Rock Band with our friends, but it somehow worked out once! And playing Just Dance with friends is always fun. After playing until about 2 am, we decided it was time to head back to the metro.

Sunday was very short for me! I was only at the convention for an hour, and so I decided to just wear normal clothes! Kuritare and our friends were part of a Shokugeki no Soma group. It was also Rintare's photography debut! We met up with a few friends to say good bye, and then the Tare^3 squad sang Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai like giant goofballs. All in all, it was a pretty good way to end the convention. Hopefully everyone else's Anime USA was good too!

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I just want to thank Kuritare and Rintare for sticking with my cosplay shenanigans for a year. Love you guys! ♥

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  1. <3 !! Your Sunday cosplay photo!!! *3* !! I love it! So glad you guys had a great time! -Terumi