Friday, June 26, 2015

The Origin of taretaretare

So you may be wondering how taretaretare got together or how we came up with our name...Well this post is dedicated to the origin of taretaretare! (Let's just say ttt for short!)

Where do we begin? The best place to start would probably be Otakon 2014 where we all came together for the first time. Kuritare and Lilitare were friends from school. They planned to cosplay together for the first time at Otakon as Rin and Hanayo from Love Live! Kuritare and Rintare were childhood friends and thought Rintare would like to come to Otakon so he invited her along (for her first con!). Rintare went as Shiro from No Game No Life. During this con, we stayed in Lilitare's tiny nearby dorm and every morning was a hectic struggle to get ready! Lilitare and Rintare became fast friends, it was love at first sight (= 3=) / ♥

"This is where Lili sucked me into the Love Live trash life." -Rintare

After Otakon, we became great friends who had a lot to talk about with each other because of our common interests like anime/manga, videogames, and cosplaying. So later that year, we decided to go to Anime USA together. At this time, we weren't too serious about our cosplaying and just decided to go as Rin, Hanayo, and Maki in practice clothes. We had a lot of fun at this small con and were excited when people recognized us!

A potato quality picture of us with cute paws!
This brings us to the strange picture of chicken nuggets at the top! So, while we were at AUSA we did lots of fun stuff like play all the arcade games, sing karaoke, meet Steve Blum, and go to panels (our favorite was Dansu To Pansu!). We also went to the host club to see what that was all about... We were really hungry so we wanted to order some food, but everything was really expensive so we just ordered some french fries. Turns out these fries came with some godly dipping sauces, so we asked for extra sauces and smuggled them out to use them at McDonald's across the street where we could afford food.

After this con, we decided to stick together and cosplay together so that we would always have each other as support in our cosplay endeavors! Our name comes from a loose translation of "sauce" in Japanese, which is "tare"! Since there's three of us, we went with taretaretare, with each of us being a "sauce". This was the official beginning of taretaretare.

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